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Car Boot Sale

So you have never done or been to a car boot sale before or you have and are not sure of something, well we here at Rosudgeon Car Boot Sale hope we can help you out... buyers and sellers read on.

If you need to decide what you want to do at the sale, e.g., sell, or browse, it will, if you choose to do boot sales regularly, consist of some of the following:

  • Wet, hot, cold, a mixture of all, or just right (rare) the weather hardly ever plays ball, but don't let it put you off. If it is your first ever time doing a car boot sale you might want to make sure you are maximising your chances of both enjoying it and making it at least pay back your input. Keep an eye on the weather, but don't always believe what you see or hear on the forecast, read between the lines.
  • What will I sell? Only you can decide that, as long as it's legal and within the rules then that's at least a start. It could be baby clothes, hand me downs, old tools, antiques, console games, DVDs, CDs, furniture. The sky is the limit, check out the FAQ to make sure you know what's what and how much your pitch fee will be.
  • Early riser.... Some boot sales start very early in the morning, e.g., 6 am the sellers are rolling in. Some start at mid morning, like Rosudgeon, and some start in the early afternoon. One thing is for sure, if you are a buyer it is good to get there early, a lot of collectors do just this. What many keen sellers have in common with each other is that they get there early to command what they think will be a good pitch. It is not essential you get there early, it is considered a better thing to do especially if it is a popular venue.
  • Be prepared to barter, as a seller you will be bartered with! Set a price you want (if you think the item is worth it) and set the price slightly higher, with a bit of luck you will receive your best price. If you are a buyer, you might want to call the seller's bluff and offer a low price at the outset hoping they won't want to take the item home! If it's an early start that might not work if it's still early when you make that offer.
  • Buyer or seller? Take enough change, you'll need it!
  • If you sell something that runs from battery or mains ensure it is safe and it works, the seller may have a comeback if not! If you are a buyer insist on seeing it work, a decent seller will show you it working. As with anything, if the buyer is decent they will not object to you asking if you can bring it back if it doesen't work, even if it's the following week; reject if they do.
  • Don't fall out with anybody, especially a potential customer or a seller that wants to sell, you will regret it, that is guaranteed, it ruins the day. Read the tips here and keep your cool. If an item is duff and the seller won't refund and you did not read the section above then learn from it.
  • Know your rights, if you buy from a professional trader they will know your rights too and will mostly adhere to them. Buying a second hand item from a boot sale seller can be fraught with doubt. Read more about your rights here.

A day out at a car boot sale can be a great experience for both buyers and sellers. You can end up with a real bargain and with a bit of luck, by avoiding the pitfalls, go home happy.