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 Rosudgeon Car Boot Sale - FAQs.

If your enquiry is about whether the Car Boot Sale is going ahead or not, i.e., due to adverse weather, please check Facebook page or the Twitter feed on the website front page.
****No need to book, just turn up!****

Please also check the website before you send a message to make sure that the information you require is already there as that may be the reason your message is not being answered.

If your enquiry is regarding anything else please read the FAQ below the map.

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Q. What is the address of the boot sale location and the dates they run?

See Above; every Wednesday from the last Wednesday in March to the last Wednesday in October from 9am.

Q. How much is a pitch and do I need to book a place beforehand?

No, just turn up on the day, read the rest of the FAQ for tips on getting your space. Prices here.

Q: The weather forecast says that it will be bad on Wednesday, is the boot sale still on?

Weather conditions, can dictate that the Boot Sale might be called off at very short notice our Twitter feed and Facebook page is often updated with this information from other Tweeters etc., who may have done this with mobile devices before we have had chance to. It may be of interest to check these but please remember that unless the information has been posted by an administrator of the pages it will be unofficial.

Q: I represent a charity, can I obtain discounted pitch fees?

Charities can and often receive a discounted rate, they are subject to checks and verification on the day.

Q: What time do I turn up to queue if I am selling?

Some sellers turn up early, i.e., even before 07:00, the sale starts from 9am. In the summer months and holiday times there may be many more sellers than on another week so arriving early may secure a position in the queue.

Q: As a browser/buyer is there a fee for parking and entering?

No, entry is free, as is parking, for browsers and buyers.

Q: What is the definition of "catering" with regards to pitch costs?

This covers hot and cold takeaway food sales, e.g., burgers, chips, hot dogs, pies, jacket potatoes, hot & cold drinks from the same vendor, ice cream sales, falafels and other bespoke ethnic foods and also pre-prepared food such as sandwiches and cakes. This list is not exhaustive.

Q: We prepare home made cakes, sandwiches, etc., is this OK to sell?

This is allowed but at the catering rate, please note that it is in your interests to possess a Hygiene Certificate, in the name of the person preparing and selling the food, from the FSA.

Q: What is the "Trader & Catering queue"?

There are two queues, as you drive through the gate onto the tarmac (via the lane opp. Falmouth Packet) , the extreme western edge nearest to the entry gate (on the grass but not the verge adjacent to the hedge) is the first place in the queue for the traders and catering vans, e.g., vehicles queue south with the steering wheel being on the west side. This queue is optional, you may, if you prefer, queue in the normal position, where the first place is further to the eastern side adjacent to the rope line that seperates the cricket pitch from the rest.

Depending on what time you arrive you may be nearer to the traders end than the others. Don't worry, it will become obvious which queue you are in when it is your turn to pay! The price for the trader queue is £30 irrespective of what is being sold, please note that if your goods are deemed "catering" you will be charged £30 whichever queue you join. The main advantage of this queue is that it allows for earlier entry and you have the chance to secure a position of your choice. Please realise that there are no "reserved" pitches and entry is on a first come first served basis - where etiquette dictates!

Q: Why are some booters or traders allowed to set up early?

All the stewards, and some other members, are all volunteers, who give up many hours of their time, are allowed to do this by way of gratitude for their services. Occasionally, at very busy times of the year, some traders from the catering and traders queue are allowed on the field earlier to relieve the congestion from the main road as more people queue to trade.

Q: Why can't we set up our stalls instead of queuing for long periods?

The boot sale officially starts at 9:30 am, the trader and catering queue is allowed earlier entry as generally it takes them much longer to set up. Queuing is not compulsory booters and traders may turn up after the start time but may be asked to wait whilst those that choose to queue are allocated a pitch. Because the boot sale is very popular, the field is opened to allow booters and traders to queue which helps prevent congestion on the busy main road. Please remember that RCB is no different to any other boot sale in this regard, the popularity of the sale, especially in the summer months dictates that the field is best opened early for people to queue. The official opening times must be adhered to in order to comply with strict council rules.

Q. Are dogs welcome at the boot sale?

Yes, please help by cleaning up if needs be as the ground is a sports pitch.

Q: I have sent a question on the contact form but it has not been replied to.

The main reason why this is, is that the question asked has already been covered on the site.

Q: Some booters are selling counterfeit goods, do Trading Standards visit the boot sale?

We do not condone this behaviour and they have been known to.


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